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Zapp Employee

Research has proven that the average operating margin of companies with sustainably engaged employees is 3x better than those with a low level of engagement.

Besides operating margin, sustainable employee engagement affects productivity and staff retention. Organisations with highly engaged employees report only half the amount of days lost on absence and a 3x lower risk of employees leaving.

We collaborate with clients to design an employee engagement program. Not just a survey but an on-going program that engages each level of the business. We use proven technology to produce amazing real time employee engagement results.

We even provide good alternatives for the traditional, boring and time consuming annual 360° employee feedback surveys. Zapp does not ask to complete long survey forms and replies are instant. Completing Zapp questions never takes longer than a minute. The catch is in asking many people short, easy to answer, but meaningful questions. That process we have perfected. So only happy campers! You only need a phone or a computer.

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