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There is no business like F&B business when it comes to customer engagement. The F&B business has always been at the basis of our activities and developments. Our technology and reporting tools were initially specifically for the restaurant industry, where the interaction with the client is direct. So every employee — from the front line to the CEO — needs to be able to act on our reliable, real-time data and insights to make changes that create indelible loyalty and generate significant sales growth.


Retail has been our stock in trade since the beginning — our first client was a local chain of hair salons. We’ve worked with many retail brands, collecting feedback from thousands of shoppers around Asia. By using the most powerful, secure, and shopper-savvy data collection and reporting systems designed for the industry, we can help you understand what’s in store for your business. Why some shoppers are loyal customers while others pass by your brand, or showroom your store but never actually buy.


When it comes to grocers, we work with all manner of brands — small, regional chains to national giants with dozens of banners. And as today’s consumers split their grocery bill among multiple outlets and carts, the need for a superior customer experience that generates loyalty is more important than ever. We bring it all together — making it easy to access the real-time customer feedback relating to your deli, your pharmacy, your region of stores, your whole company.

Convenience Store

We understand convenience stores are in a tricky spot — toeing the line between retail and quick-serve restaurant — serving customers who enter your store for a vast variety of products and reasons. As the convenience store segment becomes more competitive, the need to differentiate your brand to win market share is key. Our visit-detection technology and real-time reporting tools support the in-depth analysis you need to excel on customer service.

Transport + Entertainment

Things have changed in your industries. Consumers increasingly research, book, purchase, and review everything related to their transport and entertainment experiences. Then they share it. A lot. At Zapp, we understand the opportunities that come with your guests’ social media habits. That’s why we measure the guest experience at every touchpoint along the way, providing reliable, real-time data and insights 24/7. Allowing you to create loyal guests who happily recommend your brand to the world.

Insights: What We Know