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Zapp Consumer

Engaging with your customers, means listening and acting on both solicited and unsolicited feedback that you receive. For solicited feedback from the consumer, what is asked and how it is asked is an art that we have perfected. Zapp will provide you with the technology and advisory to help you hit the ground running on both and to get that customer data in quickly, efficiently, in an actionable format. Zapp puts you firmly in control.

To be in control, feedback has to specific, immediate, continuous, cooperative and constructive. Such feedback is, Good Feedback. The value of good feedback is that it relates to specific recognisable situations rather than general feelings and observations.

Zapp is a platform the enables you to not only get Good Feedback, but instant feedback, immediately after an experience, rather than weeks or months later. Zapp’s dashboard will show events and trends real time that allow you to address outcomes almost instantly.

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