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About Zapp

Engagement provides significant potential to increase business. Be it with consumers, employees or other stakeholders.

At Zapp it is our mission to provide you with the information and technology that you need for it.


Engagement is about optimising both the hard and soft elements of your business. Hard factors are tangibles like cleanliness or speed. Soft factors are often intangible and include factors such as culture, behaviour and care. Consumers and employees love businesses that besides having a great product, also have a great attitude towards them.

Build Trust

Engagement between people, both individually and in groups, is dependent on establishing levels of trust and a willingness to share information. This understanding is key to what we do. Once the trust is established and the communication really starts to flow, the opportunities quickly expand.

In Control

We get you great information on how you are doing and to know real time, any time, all the time what practical issues need attention and what stakeholders think of your business. We keep you in the know and put you in control. With all the data that we collect we can help you benchmark your results against internal, local or international standards and help you close the gaps. What’s more, we also help you engage more effectively, very quickly saving you lots of money.

Voice of the Customer

We help you build long-term relationships with your clients and make them identify with you and your brand by giving them a voice. We enable and drive real time conversations and engagement. Not on Facebook or other public forums but directly between them and you using our client engagement solutions.

The Power of Teams

It doesn’t matter what you build or sell; your organisation can’t move forward without people. Your employees drive your company’s performance. Every day. We allow your employees to perform easier and faster by asking and giving direct feedback and compliments. This induces people to reshape their behaviour and learn at high-speed. Feedback can’t wait. Zapp enables a measurable and sustainable performance culture.

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