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Industries Overview

Nowadays it’s easy for consumers to share their experiences. They really like it. A lot. They research, purchase, book and review everything online related to their experiences. Zapp gets that. We understand how to respond to the opportunities that arise with your guests’ social media habits and make you the greatest winner. We bring real time monitoring and feedback technology that is essential for all merchants and applies to all industries. At Zapp we use big-data and real-time customer context to determine the right action at any moment in the consumer lifecycle.


Customers are your greatest value, so get to know them. We can help you understand what’s in store for your business by using the most powerful, secure, and shopper-savvy data collection with reporting systems designed for the industry.

Food & Beverage

With our solutions every employee is able to act on reliable, real-time data and insights to make changes that create loyalty and generate sustainable sales growth. We enable you to keep real time tabs on the customer experience in unlimited multiple outlets and make sure that nothing escapes your attention.

Finance & Insurance

The finance and insurance market are delicate markets where trust is of highest essence. Do your customers truly trust your brand and do you do to enhance those trust levels? It is difficult to distinguish yourself between financial services providers other than by price. Therefore, the need to differentiate by a superior client experience is now more important than ever.

Public Sector

Zapp enables public institutions to be more responsive to constituents; become more agile, efficient, and transparent; reduce waste, fraud and abuse – and do it all with fewer resources and at lower cost and gain the power to instantly respond to emerging change.


Consumers increasingly research, book, purchase, and review everything related to their transport and entertainment experiences. Then they share it. A lot. At Zapp, we understand the opportunities that come with your guests’ social media habits.


Use our customer service application to leverage the science of customer engagement and create experiences that improve health and operational outcomes. Go beyond data and deliver a satisfying, efficient and consistent experience with every interaction and across any channel for your customers and partners.

Telecom & Infocom

At Zapp we help you to replace ineffective campaigns with dynamic customer conversations that deliver consistent recommendations in every interaction and are proven to improve engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Tourism & Entertainment

In today’s globalised and connected world, reputation, reviews and news travel at the speed of light. The impact thereof can be significant. It’s important for you to keep in touch with the audience’s experience and to engage with them beyond making a quick buck is what harbours significant value.


Several studies have concluded that feedback has one of the most powerful impacts on learning and achievement, either positive or negative. Evidence shows that although feedback is one of the major influences, the type of feedback and the way it is given differs in effectiveness. Zapp is ready to help and suggest ways in which feedback can enhance your community.

Insights: What We Know