Real Time Employee Engagement

Engaged employees give you a leg up in many ways. Zapp tracks employee behaviour and performance on key measures — at the company level as well as the individual store level — so you can evaluate alignment of your staff’s behaviour and performance with the company’s values and desired brand image.

Employees are also the only people who can deliver a great customer experience and loyalty. This is why employee engagement is so critical. But how do you get your entire organization to agree to it and act on it? It can be a hard business case to prove and ironically employees don’t always participate because they don’t feel they have a voice.

That is where Zapp comes in. We help you track behaviour and performance on key measures, which can be linked with Zapp customer experience data and demonstrate linkage in a way that is makes conclusions undeniable. We are confident that we can show how locations with the most engaged employees outperform all the others and how that in turn drives customer loyalty, advocacy and sales performance.

Program design

We collaborate with clients to design an employee engagement program. Not just a survey but an ongoing program that engages each level of the business. We use proven technology to produce amazing real time employee engagement results.

Data collection + authentication

Employees can feel comfortable providing either named or anonymous feedback through the real time tooling, and company stakeholders know the information they receive has been authenticated.


Zapp’s reporting platform provides the information and access that is appropriate for each level of the business.

Analysis + insights

We help answer fundamental questions around driving engagement through consistent, superior experiences that deliver business improvements.

Insights: What We Know