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Zapp is growing fast. Zapp is more than numbers and research and consulting — it’s also a work environment that allows employees to impact company success and be recognized for talent and commitment. Visit our LinkedIn page to view our current opportunities.


Responsible for resource planning, forecasting, and all financial aspects of the company, administration is focused on identifying great talent and providing a healthy environment for professional development.

Client Services

Our client services team provides strategic guidance and project management to help clients succeed. They make sure clients are getting what they need from Zapp to drive field engagement and move the needle on customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and loyalty.

Product Development

Creating and improving information technology solutions to capture, integrate, and report results in real time, this group works to develop new tools for our clients’ evolving needs.


Led by our chief research officer, our team of advanced degree quantitative research analysts mine and distill data to discover customer experience and employee engagement measurements that drive financial performance.


Working in tandem, the sales and marketing teams build and nurture the Zapp client community. Our conferences offer clients the opportunity to learn while interacting with other clients.

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